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What is at stake? This is the most important question writers need to answer––for themselves, their ideas, and their audience. When writers truly understand what’s at stake, they can bring their mission, values, and ideas to life for their readers. As a writer and editor specializing in nonfiction, I help individuals, businesses, and organizations answer this question and produce their best writing.

Sometimes you need help finding what’s at stake in your story. Other times you already know what matters, but you need help developing it or making sure your audience really gets it; you might need help framing your ideas, making the language and structure clear, or clarifying your style. I help people with these challenges by offering manuscript evaluation, writing, developmental editing, and copy editing.

Maybe you’re writing or summarizing a business book. Or perhaps your mission is to educate the world about data privacy, fair elections, or green living. Or you want to transform city and regional planning so that everyone has access to healthy, nutritious food. I support people and organizations in all these subjects and many others.

My unique offering comes from my training and experience. Having taught and coached hundreds of writers in person, I understand how to find and care about what’s at stake in each individual’s writing. My humanities Ph.D. afforded extensive training in theory and analysis. I see strengths, opportunities, questions, and challenges in writing that others do not. Many copy editors know what sounds right. My expertise in numerous languages has brought comprehensive mastery of English grammar as well as training in rhetoric. Because I approach language in grammatical and rhetorical terms, I know what works and why; more important, I can explain it in accessible terms to any writer.

I think of writing as a journey that we define while it’s happening, an adventure that evolves as we take each step. Such journeys can be exhilarating but also daunting. Whether it’s a business proposal, a policy argument, an academic article, or a general-interest book, I can provide the expert help you need.





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