Ashleigh Imus

Writing, Editing, Coaching

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Rates: I usually charge by the project rather than by the hour, but I do offer hourly rates for coaching. In general, my rates fall within the range of those recommended by the Editorial Freelancers Association, but the specific rate depends on the type of project, the services offered, and the timeline. For this reason, I provide pricing information only after I’ve evaluated your project. Once I’ve understood your needs, I’ll quote a total project fee or an hourly rate. For new clients, I ask for a deposit of 30% to 50% of the estimated total project fee. I accept payment by cash, check, and Square.

How to Submit a Job: For new clients seeking copyediting, I offer a free, brief sample copyedit so that you can get a sense of my skills and style. For developmental editing clients, I offer a free, brief consultation via phone or Skype to discuss your project. If you’d like to consider working with me, contact me through this page or send me an email. If you’re ready to send a manuscript, attach it to your email and describe the type of assistance you think you need. I’ll either provide a sample edit, a detailed description of the services to be performed, a price estimate, and a timeline for completion, or (for developmental editing) we can schedule a time to discuss your project. Once we agree on the project terms, I’ll draft a contract and request a deposit.



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