Ashleigh Imus

Writing, Editing, Coaching

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My Story

I hold a B.A. in English and Italian literature from New York University, a master’s degree in Italian literature from Middlebury College, and  a Ph.D. in English, Italian, and Latin literature from Cornell University. I am a member of The Society for Editing and Editorial Freelancers Association.

I began my freelance career as a medical proofreader and advanced my professional skills through graduate studies at Cornell, where I learned to conduct research, synthesize complex ideas, write and edit precisely, design courses, and make presentations.

Upon completing my degree, I wanted to use my skills to work with a broad client base. Building on my prior editorial work, I began writing and editing for businesses, organizations, and independent authors. Some of my current and former clients include The Future of Privacy Forum, Soundview Executive Book Summaries, The Google School for Leaders, the Food Systems Planning and Healthy Communities Lab at SUNY-Buffalo, Cornell’s Institute for African Development, and many individual authors, scholars, and business professionals.

Through my work, I’ve learned that finding what is at stake is key for creating great writing. My passion for narrative drives my dedication to helping people from all walks of life–from professional academics to business people, policy advocates to first-time authors–discover what is at stake and produce their best work.

My unique offering comes from my training and history. Having taught and coached hundreds of writers in person, I understand how to find and care about what truly matters in each individual’s writing. My humanities Ph.D. afforded extensive training in theory and analysis. I see strengths, opportunities, questions, and challenges in writing that others do not. Many copy editors know what sounds right. My expertise in numerous languages has brought comprehensive mastery of English grammar as well as training in rhetoric. Because I approach language in grammatical and rhetorical terms, I know what works and why; more important, I can explain it in accessible terms to any writer.

When I’m not working, I enjoy time with my family, reading, growing flowers, and eating great food.

For more information about my clients and projects, take a look at my portfolio and resume. You can also find me on LinkedIn. I also have member profiles with The Society for Editing and Editorial Freelancers Association.